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Negotiation and Conflict: Why We Must Fake It Til We Make It


  By definition, negotiation is a conversation leading to agreement. But because we really have no need to negotiate unless we reach a dead end or an impasse, negotiation naturally occurs in the field of conflict, and this spells trouble for women, In this show negotiation trainers Victoria Pynchon and Lisa Gates will give you tips for dealing with your natural responses to conflict and strategies for faking it ’til you make it.     [display_podcast] Read, Listen, Share »

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A is for Asshole: The Grownup’s ABCs of Conflict Resolution by Victoria Pynchon


Enjoy the summer! Victoria Pynchon’s new book is an adult primer on the difficult art of resolving, transforming or transcending conflict in your home, your workplace, your community, your state, your nation and your world. Victoria is an attorney who traded in her boxing gloves for the softer but no less difficult skills of helping lawyers and their business clients resolve their commercial disputes. Now she brings the wisdom of the courtroom and the mediation room to everyday conflicts and the difficult people in your life. Victoria mediates commercial disputes with ADR Services, Inc. in Century City, arbitrates business disputes for the American Arbitration Association and teaches women when and how to negotiate with her business partner Lisa Gates at SheNegotiates.com.

Join us as we talk with Victoria Pynchon, attorney-mediator and arbitrator who spent the first 25 years of her legal career litigating and trying business disputes for her clients. She now mediates and arbitrates those same disputes, helping business people resolve their conflicts as effectively and expeditiously as possible. Her book, A is for Asshole, the Grownups’ ABCs of Conflict Resolution is an adult primer on resolving conflict and negotiating resolution.


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