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Navajo Peacemaking – Bringing Indigenous Wisdom into Healing Community Tragedies

Robb Redsteerzena ZumetaStephenKotev2Tragedy not only destroys families it leaves aftershocks of substance abuse, violence and hatred within the community. Calling upon centuries of tradition and experience, Navajo Peacemakers use their traditional wisdom, methods and customs to help heal this tragedy.  Navajo Peacemaker, Robb Redsteer will discuss how this tradition moves communities through denial and anger to heal old wounds and return to balance.



More Information:

Navajo Peacemaking Demo: April 17, 2008

Letter to the Navajo Times,

Dr. Devon Mihesuah,

Navajo Justice,

Mr. Philmer Bluehouse

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Voices for Heroes – Love and Support for Newtown, Connecticut







On December 14, 2012, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school where 26 people lost their lives shook the Connecticut community to its core and the news spread around the world. What do you do to help in these times of pain, angst and profound loss? Denise Labrecque and her friend Evan Betts created and founded Voices for Heroes, a small non-profit organization dedicated to the heroes of the world. Voices for Heroes celebrate kindness, perseverance, love, and anyone who uses their voice to promote peace and change.

We will talk with Denise and Evan about their story and the musical projects they have spearheaded to raise funds for Healing Newtown and their inaugural Power of Peace Festival which is to be held annually. Learn about their tribute CDs and listen to music from Connecticut Voices for Heroes and their 2-disc CD Voices from Around the World: Original Songs of Love for Newtown.

Join us! Be inspired! “Be the change!”


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