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Welcome to Texas Conflict Coach – Tierra Henry

Tierra HenryThe Texas Conflict Coach® likes to welcome our new graduate student intern, Tierra Henry, from the University of Baltimore Graduate Program on Negotiation and Conflict Management. Please welcome Tierra and feel free to leave your comments here.

Learn more about Tierra in her short bio below.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I have worked as a full-time special education paraprofessional in a Title I Baltimore City public school with children who have special needs that require an Individualized Education Program (IEP). I am a graduate of Towson University, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Communications Studies and minor in Creative Writing.

After completing my graduate degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management, I hope to work with children and adults in disfranchised communities (similar to the one I grew up in) with programs that offer restorative justice, peace-building circles, dialogue and other methods of conflict resolution. The works of Maya Angelou, bell hooks and others inspire my passion for racial justice, gender rights and education. I believe all people need to develop skills on how to resolve conflict in a non-violent manner, and to know why it is important to understand conflict. I hope to take the experiences and knowledge I learn from the Negotiation and Conflict Management program at the University of Baltimore and my internship experience and apply them to my career goals and societal issues.

My simple yet upbeat motto on life is, “I live to laugh, learn and love”. When I’m not at work teaching, inspiring and enlightening young minds, I’m busy educating young black girls and women on natural hair care. In addition to that deed, much of my free time is occupied writing poetry. I believe that poetry can be used in different methods of conflict resolution. Someday, I hope to connect the two passions. Most importantly, I believe in educating the mind and soul. Without education we are lost. 

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