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Back to School Strategies for Divorced or Divorcing Parents

Cheryl & Joe DillonOften times, and without even knowing it, divorced or divorcing parents will put their own self-interests ahead of their children’s. Or fail to recognize the impact their divorce will have on the kids. This can kick off a dangerous cycle that may have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences for both children and parents alike.

Poor school performance, increased drug or alcohol use and an ever deteriorating relationship between the parties are just a few of the many significant downsides to not properly recognizing and addressing the impact divorce will have on your family.

So what can you do to effectively co-parent your children and make their return to school as seamless as possible? Especially if your divorce was finalized over the summer like many divorces are?

Join us as we speak with Joe and Cheryl Dillon, Co-Founders of Equitable Mediation Services, a national Divorce Mediation and Coaching firm that serves clients in 14 states.   Having each been personally touched by divorce as both children and adults, Joe and Cheryl understand the impact divorce can have on families. They work together as a team, to take special care to put the needs of the client’s children first. And will share with you effective strategies divorcing parents need to implement in order to reduce the tension and potential conflict that may arise when co-parenting school-aged children.

Listener Challenge: Think about a typical week in the life of your school aged children and complete the planner. Review the helpful links for tools and ideas that can help you effectively co-parent your children and ease the transition from one house to two.


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