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Right Talk Math

Right Talk + You= Empowered Self Talk

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If you’re in a family unit that has various levels of conflict, learning how to do Right Talk Math can truly be a life saver. This formula is a template that allows you to sort out, identify and plug-in to:

  • The feelings ( ie. happy, fulfilled, confidence) that are connected to Right Talk
  • The words that are connected to Right Talkers and
  • The understanding of who and where the Right Talkers are in our life

An example of a Right Talker is a person who speaks to your highest good and your best potential for now and for your future. A Right Talker may say something like, “you can do it,” or “I know it’s hard right now but all will be well. “

When you choose to value and listen to Right Talk what you actually are doing is Right Talk Math. Meaning you are adding purposefully the right or positive talk into your consciousness. This right talk allows you to set up an empowering or meaningful, confident and self- assured internal dialogue script. This internal dialogue turns into self- talk. For those of us who have constructed or try to construct a positive self -dialogue, we will most likely have positive thoughts flood our minds when we need it most. Now, that’s not a guarantee, but if you take a common sense view on this, the more Right Talk you put in, the more positive self- talk that comes out, that’s just simple math.

So let’s say you’re going for a new job and you need every ounce of confidence you have within you. If you’ve done Right Talk Math, then your thoughts or internal dialogue will flood your mind with thoughts like the following; “Yes, I can do this.” Or “ I am more than capable for this job.” However, if you’ve plugged Wrong Talk into your formula, then you may think thoughts like the following: “I’m not good enough.” Or “I know I’m not going to get this job.” Or “I’m not that smart so why should I go for this opportunity?”

The bottom line is that self- talk is happening to all of us, so making the decision to plug in Right Talk over Wrong Talk can truly empower your future. Now If you are waiting for me to call Right Talkers good people and Wrong Talkers bad people, don’t hold your breath. This formula is not for judging others, it’s strictly for you to identify those who speak empowered feelings (ie. happy, fulfilled, confidence) into your life.

If you can proactively identify who is feeding you Right Talk, you can construct (on purpose) your future positive Self- Talk. What I’m sharing with you is better than gold, so take note and start doing your math. Who in your family (or in your life) gives you that empowered Right Talk? Whoever it is, plug in and get as much of it as possible.

The secret of this time travel formula, is that it allows you to harness empowered self -talk today for your future self tomorrow. Until next time, Happy living everybody.


Lauren Thompson Andrews

Graduate Student Intern

University of Baltimore – Conflict Negotiation/ Conflict Management

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