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Hot Buttons & Trigger Words: How to Listen Past Your Anger or Theirs

Susan Shearouse talks about applying calm, courage and curiosity to those moments when their emotions or your own reactions are getting in the way.  How do the principles of non-violent communication improve your listening skills to listen past the anger.   [display_podcast]

Susan Shearouse has over twenty years experience helping people resolve their differences, improve their organizations, and lead more effectively. Her expertise is in improving working relationships, creating a safe place for thorny conversations, managing strong emotions, and providing collaborative problem-solving processes.

Susan often explains that she earned a life degree in conflict – on the job, at home and in her community. When she decided there must be a better way, she entered a Master’s degree program in conflict resolution at George Mason University.

After finishing that program in 1988, Susan applied her academic knowledge to real world challenges inside government agencies and major corporations as well as small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She is the author of Conflict 101: A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Problems So Everyone Can Get Back to Work

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Compassionate Conversations

Reverend Phil Schulman introduces the foundational principles of non-violent communications based on the works of Marshal Rosenberg’s “Non-Violent Communications: A Language of Life.” We will discuss how the 4 elements of observations, feelings, needs and requests guide the practice of non-violent communications.

In this episode, students from the Compassionate Conversations class led by Reverend Schulman will explore how they are listening and engaging differently as a result of these teachings.   [display_podcast]

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