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Mediation Station – Deep Talk, Deeper Understanding


Gregg FentenThe Texas Conflict Coach radio program’s mission is to raise awareness and educate the general public and our communities about conflict resolution and peace building. In doing so, we are collaborating with Mediation Station in Toronto, Canada to encourage deeper understanding through meaningful talk and deeper listening when we find ourselves in conflict. Join us as we introduce Gregg Fenten, Founder and Host of his 9 year live, radio program, Mediation Station on CHHA 1610 AM Voces Latinas.


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Mediation Station – Impacting Lives A Show at A Time

Posted on Feb 13 2014 under Blog Posts | Tags: , , ,

Gregg FentenThe methods and strategies of conflict management are being put to use across the world. The more you learn about how to manage conflict in your everyday life, the more you become capable of building meaningful relationships that seek clarification, understanding and active listening. You become apart of that positive change and impact others who seek positive results as well.

Gregg Fenten is one of those people who is passionate and dedicated to create change and to help others create change with strategies, methods and resources of Conflict Management and Peace Studies. He holds a dual degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and Employment Relations. Additionally, he has over 11 years of experience in dispute resolution, mediation, community transformation and conflict coaching trainings. 

He made a decision to work with Pattie Porter, the Host of The Texas Conflict® Coach Blog Talk Radio after finding out about her show through LinkedIN. When asked why he chose to cross promote with Pattie Porter, he responded,

“I am a relationship person who sees life through a lens of relationship and transformation. I am always looking to identify and connect with others as part of building and strengthening relationships. I wanted to reach out to Pattie Porter to learn more about her and her efforts, and to partner so as to expand and strengthen the network to create positive social change. The idea is to share experiences, to inform of Best Practices and to promote to the public about options to better deal with conflict and change.”

Gregg Fenten is currently a transformation consultant and the Host and Founder of Mediation Station located in Toronto Canada. Mediation Station is a program recorded live on Sunday from 8pm to 9pm EST on CHHA 1610 AM Voces Latinas. Furthermore, it is also the first station to be licensed by the government as both ethnic and community radio. His show has been on the air since February 13, 2005 and he has approached his 9-year anniversary. Wow! On the show, he has a diverse group of guests, mediators, authors, lawyers, judges, therapists, social workers and along with people who come on the program to share their stories and struggles for the benefit of the listeners to be role models for affecting change. I asked after 9 years of hosting Mediation Station, what has been the biggest reward?

He said “the biggest reward is to know that the program can make a difference in people’s lives as part of the narrative that I hear from listeners. It is amazing to me that I do this program and that I have lasted this long doing it, and that I can keep doing it.”

Gregg is currently operating a community mediation service each Monday at the same radio station location, where he provides a free confidential service for individuals and couples. Here they can create change to situations they are unsatisfied with and reconnect with each other. . In addition to this community mediation service, Gregg is involved as consultant for a project called “Turning Things Around” through a community based organization in North Toronto. This project services youth ages 15-24 in the Somali, Caribbean and South Asian communities. The project provides skills-based knowledge related to issues of violence and safety and teaches topics such as conflict, change, identity, decision-making communication and mediation. The project incorporates social media networks and outlets such as his radio program, Mediation Station, to help the youth get more connected.

To learn more about Gregg Fenten and his radio program, please visit Mediation Station – “Deep Talk and Deeper Understanding”. Tune in this upcoming Sunday, 2/16 to hear a special 9th anniversary show.

“It seems impossible until it is done” ~Nelson Mandela

Tierra Henry, Graduate Student, University of Baltimore Dispute Resolution Program

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