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Changes to Our Ever Growing and Changing Radio Program Family

WendyThe Texas Conflict Coach® radio family is an ever growing and changing family. As many of our listeners know, we have been blessed to engage with student interns over the last 3 ½ years with three different universities including the University of Baltimore and Salisbury University in Maryland, and Southern Methodist University in Texas.

The most recent changes are the marriages of Tracy Culbreath and Abigail Clark, who were graduate students at the University of Baltimore and interns for our program. After graduation this past January 2015, Tracy joined our team as a volunteer guest host. She married Bryan King and now goes by Tracy Culbreath King. She is the new Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator at the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) in Annapolis. Abigail Clark also graduated from UB in June 2015 and married this past fall. Abigail now goes by Abigail McMannus and continues to work with our program as an Apprentice doing guest research and blog writing. Congratulations to both of you!

Joining us this fall term is a new graduate student intern, Wendy Mayfield. Wendy is joining us in a unique capacity. She will be working on a special project focused on abrasive behaviors in the workplace. You will see some blog posts through the Texas Conflict Coach® on this topic. As part of her research on toxic and abrasive behaviors, Wendy will co-create an educational presentation to help HR managers and other organizational leaders, decision-makers, and influencers understand the interesting dynamics of abrasive behaviors and strategies for how to manage these challenging leaders. We have done some radio programs on workplace incivility, toxic behaviors, workplace bullying, and abrasive leaders. You can listen to any number of these podcasts here.

Here is a little bit more about Wendy Mayfield. She is a student in the Master of Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management program at Southern Methodist University in Plano, Texas. According to Wendy, her goal as a mediator, facilitator and conflict management coach is to guide people as they seek peace from the inside out. She believes that the CINERGY© Conflict Management Coaching model is a powerful tool for gaining an understanding of our internal reactions to conflict and handling discord with others in a constructive way. Before graduate school, Wendy focused on being her kids’ mom and serving in leadership positions in the PTA and her church. In 2001, she began karate training and three and a half years later, was the first to earn a black belt from Red Tiger Karate (RTK). For over 12 years, she influenced hundreds of students as a head instructor and program coordinator at RTK. Wendy’s martial arts experience has taught her that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Finally, Wendy enjoys road trips with her family, visiting art museums and reading detective fiction. Welcome, Aboard Wendy!

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