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Medical Misunderstandings – Narrowing the Physician – Patient Communication Gap

Medicine is more complex than ever and the complexity is only increasing due to healthcare reform, new technology, new medications, complex treatments to name a few.  As health care continues its transformation, so will the relationship between physician and patient.   Patients are finding that they have less time in which to present , discuss, or follow up on an health issue and, in addition, it’s increasingly difficult to understand medical terms and treatment options.   Given that time with healthcare providers is shorter than most patients prefer, it’s critical to use that time wisely … but how, given the constraints?  It’s important for both physicians and patients to understand the challenges that each face.  Jetta will talk about how to maximize the use of limited time with a physician by using simple communication skills and techniques to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings, get solid and understandable information, and to maximize your healthcare experience.


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