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Learning to Cope with your Crazy Family

Posted on Apr 29 2012 under Blog Posts | Tags: , , , ,

Do you love your family, but you just can’t deal with them on a regular basis? Do you wish that family gatherings would be filled with fun and laughter, instead of arguments? Summer will soon be approaching, which means barbeques, family reunions, and plain old get- togethers with our families. Many of us love our family, but don’t like spending time with them due to the drama it creates. Loving your family at a distance is hard to do especially when you want more out of the relationship.

Coming from a huge family myself, I can understand the issues and or conflict that are surrounded by families coming together. It’s always the old aunt or grandmother that makes a comment out loud that’s supposed to be the family secret. Or that one nosy cousin that creates drama by asking everyone’s business. Trust me! I understand your pain. I go through it too, but there are ways to control the situation without letting it escalate to conflict. There are techniques you can learn to help you approach family conflict calmly, and effectively. Leaning new ways to approach family conflict during gatherings will help create a new and loving relationship with your family, and make you appreciate and enjoy your time with them.

If you would like to know more listen to Overcoming Conflict at Family Gatherings to find out further information with Janet Bonnin of Fine Tuned Families. In this podcast she teaches you how to cope with family conflict at gatherings.

By Andrea Williams

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