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Back to School Series: No Place for Hate Youth Summit

 No Place for Hate® Youth Summit, a one-day workshop for 8th grade students and educators, works to empower students and faculty to build campuses of respect. During the day, participants will engage in interactive experiential exercises designed to help them recognize bias and the harm it inflicts on individuals, explore the value of diversity and improve inter-group relations.  Students learn the dangers of bigotry and hatred; attendees develop post-Summit strategies to increase tolerance on their campuses, which are implemented with the help of their campus sponsors.

The No Place for Hate® Youth Summit occurs in the Houston and Austin areas, but students and educators can be involved with the No Place for Hate® initiative throughout Texas. The Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate® program was introduced to Houston in 2001, the Austin area in 2004, and now with the Dallas office beginning their first year, is available to all Texan students for the first time. The initiative is designed to provide administrators, educators and students with the necessary resources to make anti-bias education an integral part of the school curriculum. It empowers communities to promote respect for individual differences while challenging bigotry and prejudice. No Place for Hate® initiative is active in all ADL regions of Texas.


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