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The Dark Side of Technology: Healing the Effects and Preventing Cyber Bullying

 Incidents related to cyber-bullying, sexting, and cybersex are increasing each year (Froeschle, Mayorga, Hargrave, & Castillo, 2008; Online Victimization of Youth, 2006). Half of all young people say they have been targets of digital bullying, up to a fourth have experienced sexting online (Quaid, 2009), and up to 51% of teens have given out information to a stranger online (Webster, 2010) with 30% considering meeting these unknown persons face to face (Teen Internet Safety Study, 2006). Many students are failing courses, attempting suicide, suffering from depression, anxiety, and even mental illness as a result of cyberbullying, cybersex, or sexting (Froeschle, Mayorga, Hargrave, & Castillo, 2008). Effective methods are needed to protect and assist students suffering silently from these issues.


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