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When Consumers and Businesses Collide

 As a consumer of products and services, we can find ourselves quickly in a dispute with a business. Maybe the business promised they would have those granite counter tops in black delivered and installed within 2 weeks. When the company shows up, those counter tops are red granite clashing with your sleek black appliances. When consumers find themselves in a dispute with a business, where can they go to get their dispute resolved? In our show, When Businesses and Consumers Collide, listeners will learn about the Better Business Bureau’s conflict resolution services and how they can help with business to business or business to consumer disputes.

Joining me is Erin Dufner, the Senior Vice President of Communications and Operations for BBB Serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin. She is passionate and enthusiastic about communicating BBB’s brand promise of delivering trust through internal and external communications to consumers, BBB Accredited Businesses, media and BBB staff. Erin was born and raised in Southern California and began her career at BBB in 1996.


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