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Maintaining Spontaneity in the Face of Conflict

This show will kick off Workplace Conflict Awareness month Andrea Barrett whose show in February focused on “Developing Agility in the Face of Conflict” will return to speak about spontaneity, it’s definition and integration in to our everyday lives. She will discuss how up develop spontaneity as a real means of reframing conflict.  [display_podcast]
Read her blog, Coaching For Leadership and visit her website, A.Barrett Consulting

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Developing Agility in the Face of Conflict

This show explores conflict as an “unfinished conversation.” Conflict can be defined as a complex situation of unmet needs and unexpressed emotions leading to predictable results.

Andrea Barrett, Executive Coach, addresses the need for spontaneity when dealing with conflict. She also highlights the book Difficult Conversations by speaking about the 3 conversations that take place during conflict.


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