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Nipped in the Bud-Not in the Butt

The holidays are upon us along with the hustle, bustle and stress that come along with the various expectations, values and traditions we hold dear. You want to spend time with your family and friends which often requires traveling and visiting each other’s homes. But what if you want to bring your beloved pet with you…they are family members too…right? Or, if you have a gathering at your home, you would love it if everyone embraced your pet with love and care. When pet owners and non pet owners disagree about the inclusion of pets in holiday gatherings, then conflict can be lurking in the corner.
In our show, Nipped in the Bud – Not in the Butt, Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton will join me to discuss how she uses alternative dispute resolution in the emotionally charged venue of conflicts between people and animals. By using mediation and collaborative practice, clients become part of the solution process, not powerless bystanders. The process respects the emotions of the people in the conflict over an animal and recognizes the power emotions can have over the parties.


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