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“Your podcasts are AMAZING! I need it like the desert needs water. And this new stage in my life I’m learning that conflict is something, if I am to be fully liberated, must be met and not avoided… You rock more than Aerosmith ever could! Thank you for this exceptional content on your podcast.”

Kent Byron, Musician, philosopher, farmer, geek, lover of life

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pattie since 2003, firstly, as a student and then, as a colleague and friend. Pattie’s generosity of spirit is present in everything she does – as a compassionate and engaging coach, as a talented and creative trainer, and as a thoughtful and caring friend.”

           Cinnie Noble, President CINERGY® Coaching

Thank you for visiting our global radio website, The Texas Conflict Coach®.  Since April 2009, our program’s mission focuses on educating the everyday person by raising self-awareness, building communication skills, offering strategies, and providing tools and resources to manage conflict effectively regardless of where it shows up in our daily lives. We encounter disagreements and full blown disputes in our workplace, family relationships, marriage, business partnerships, friendships and even with our neighbors.

Listen and learn to any of our 325 podcasts from our Podcast Library by looking in the right-hand column. Follow us on Twitter @txconflictcoach or view our YouTube channel, The Texas Conflict Coach.

To learn more about Pattie’s Story tune into this inaugural radio program in April 2009. Pattie Porter connects with the audience by sharing her story of growing up in a high conflict family, and how this led eventually to her work as a conflict management expert.

Listen to the Inaugural Program – My Story & Why I Got Started

The Founder and Host of the Texas Conflict Coach®, Pattie Porter, chats with special guest host Zena Zumeta about her journey being a conflict avoider and the lessons she has learned to embrace conflict constructively, courageously and with compassion.

Being in Conflict: Lessons Learned from a Conflict Management Coach


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