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The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution

Posted on Dec 12 2016 under Conflict Resolution, Previous Programs

Got Conflict? Based on the works of Dr. Dudley Weeks, Pattie Porter, Founder, and Host, highlighted the key ingredients to conflict and the essential steps to conflict resolution based on his book “The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution.


First, we examined a new way of thinking about conflict and defined what Week’s describes as a conflict partnership. This kind of partnership is about resolving conflicts that are effective and sustainable and focuses both on the immediate conflict and the overall relationship

Then, we reviewed the ingredients of conflict to include
?    Diversity & differences
?    Needs vs wants
?    Perceptions
?    Power
?    Values & principles
?    Feelings & emotions
?    Internal conflict

Listeners then learned the 8 essential steps to conflict resolution as applied to a neighbor conflict.

Most importantly, be PREPARED for your difficult conversation.

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  1. Rabbi Michael Feinberg said on July 29th, 2021 at 4:06 PM

    I was an intern at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in 1979, and was mentored there by Dudley Weeks.
    Is the same person? Is it possible to contact him?

    Thank you very much.
    Rabbi Michael Feinberg

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