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Taking Back Our Youth – The Fight Against Youth Violence

Posted on Sep 02 2016 under Blog Posts

Taking back our youth - The fight against youth violenceIt seems that every time we read the newspaper or listen to the news on TV, there is yet another report of violence among our youth. One might ask, why are our kids turning to violence as the only alternative to deal with their issues? Is there something wrong at the family level, with kids not getting the proper grounding of right and wrong? There is also a belief that kids are being desensitized to violence when they engage in aggressive video games, watch violence on TV and use modern technology to harass, bully and humiliate others.

In many cases, the youth who commit violent acts come from troubled and unstable homes. Living in an unstable environment and with no positive role models to follow, a life of violence and crime is sometimes all that is offered in order to survive.

Can anything be done to prevent the next tragedy? The answer is YES! On an individual level we need to strengthen young people’s abilities to effectively solve difficulties that arise in a non-violent manner. Such programs as the circle-of-respect or McGriff-club that focus on areas such as emotional self-awareness, positive social skills and problem solving can help tremendously.

On the family and community level, we need to educate about non-violence communication and approaches including conflict resolution techniques. We need to send the message and teach everyone involved that there are better ways to handle disputes constructively instead of resorting to violence.

If you would like to know more about programs or trainings to promote crime prevention visit the National Crime Prevention Association’s website  Also stay tuned for our upcoming March radio series on Preventing Youth Violence in support of the National SAVE Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Authored by Mia Brooms
Graduate Student Intern

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