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Negotiate with Success: The Top 3 Negotiation Blunders, Breakthroughs and Solutions

Posted on Aug 16 2016 under Previous Programs, Women

Corine WoffordWhat would it take to make you a more confident negotiator?   Would you like to know …

–  Simple no-cost things you can do to save time, money

and energy before you ever think about negotiating?

–  The top 3 negotiation blunders, breakthroughs, and solutions

–  Tips on handling counter-productive behavior and the #1 thing you must never negotiate

Join Corine Wofford and discover how to Put Your Power On and Confidently Negotiate with Success for great results in your professional and personal life!


Corine Wofford is known as America’s “Be the Difference” Business Mentor. She is the CEO and Master Facilitator with Corine Wofford International, an award winning training and development consultancy, providing high performance training in sales, negotiation, service, and teams. Corine is celebrating 30 years as a 100% woman owned enterprise, helping business leaders like Apple, IBM, USAA and women entrepreneurs worldwide share their gifts, make more money and create a meaningful difference in the world.

Corine’s Wonderfully Outrageous Wealth Live Event is at the Eilan Hotel & Spa on Sept. 23 in San Antonio. Early bird pricing is available for a limited time here:

Free Gifts for our Listeners

More Information: Corine Wofford, Email: Corine@CorineWofford.com, phone:  210-402-0053

Connect with Corine:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram



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