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“That’s Not What I Meant!” – Male/Female Communication (or lack thereof)

Posted on Jan 13 2016 under Listening, Previous Programs

It is said that men and women speak different languages and if you don’t understand the subtle communication differences between the genders then general understanding, cooperation, productivity, and stress levels will surely be affected by the inevitable miscommunications that occur.

Join Gregg Catalano in this highly entertaining and informative program as he provides you with the insights, tools and strategies to better interact with the opposite sex, and become bi-lingual in the art of male/female communication.


.Gregg Catalano is a unique presenter whose high energy workshops are always entertaining, and informative. Named as “Teacher-of-the-Year,” & “Coach-of-the-Year” twice during his 12 year teaching career, Gregg also holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Education, and is licensed as a Chemical Dependency Counselor and Marital and Family Therapist. Blending activities, humor, insight and practical ideas into all his workshops, Gregg utilizes his teaching/therapeutic background and skills to help all participants better understand themselves, recognize the value in others, and how to truly succeed in their lives and jobs. As the “Physician of Phun,” he is truly what the doctor ordered and a presenter you won’t easily forget!

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Assignment for the Week:

Women try this out!

Practice by focusing on one topic at a time when speaking with a man; pause, and then end with a focus on the “bottom line” essence of your message.

Men try this out!

LISTEN more and use more non-verbal cues with a woman. Practice asking open-ended questions.

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