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The Gratitude Opportunity: Expressing Gratitude at the Best and Worst of Times

Posted on Nov 05 2014 under Challenging Conversations, Previous Programs

Ross Brinkert
Gratitude communication involves expressing appreciation or thanks to others. Hear powerful, real-life stories of individuals who shared moments of gratitude in their work lives. Take away tips to guide you in your own life, whether handling a difficult situation or simply savoring a situation that’s already amazing.


Dr. Ross Brinkert is an associate professor of corporate communication at Penn State Abington. Ross recently completed a three-year research project on gratitude communication in the workplace and is currently writing a book titled The Gratitude Opportunity. Ross is a sought-after professional speaker with over 15 years of experience and is well-known for engaging participants with customized content, a lively style, and clear and practical takeaways.

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