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SAVE and National Youth Violence Prevention Week

Posted on Nov 07 2013 under Previous Programs, Youth Violence


Kit EvansMia BroomsThe National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) is proud to be a founding partner of the National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and to educate students, teachers, school administrators, counselors, school resource officers, school staff, parents, and the public on effective ways to prevent or reduce youth Violence. This week long national education initiative will involve activities that demonstrate the positive role young people can have in making their school and community safer.”   Tune in to hear more about SAVE, Violence Prevention Week, and practical ways listeners can be a part of the violence prevention movement!


Argrow ‘Kit’ Evans has been connected to the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere for 16 years where she is now an active board member. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and holds a BA in Communications Studies, a Master of Arts in Teaching: Special Education, Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Development, and a Master of Divinity degree. Her studies have taken her to England, Japan, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis.

Kit is the founder of Testimonies of Hope: The Intercultural Christian Devotional. She now uses her education, teachings on nonviolence and conflict resolution, travels, personal experiences, dance, and spirituality as a trainer, advocate, and speaker. Kit currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

More Information:  Argrow ‘Kit’ Evans

Mia Brooms is currently a graduate student in the Negotiation and Conflict Management program at the
University of Baltimore. She is originally from the Island of Barbados but moved to Baltimore three years ago after getting married. She is a full-time employee of the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry where she serves in the Office of admissions as an Academic Program Specialist. Mia is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Management with Honors.

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  1. […] Be sure to listen to SAVE’s Kit Evans live tonight at 7:00pm CST at Blog Talk Radio. Call in to speak Kit and guest host, Mia Broom at: (347) 324-3591.  More Info […]

  2. Hi Kit,

    Congrats on your important work and appearance in the media–Carleen sent me the information. I want to introduce myself.
    My team is writing a children’s book Twenty Twinkling Stars, to support National SAVE .
    Here is information about the project.
    Hope we get to connect soon. Professionally, I am a corporate speech coach based in the Boston area. Feel free to LIKE Twenty Twinkling Stars on Facebook and to sign up for more info at twentytwinklingstars.org
    Here we go, Kit. Let me know any ideas you may have.

    Twenty Twinkling Stars (www.twentytwinklingstars.org)
    Twenty Twinkling Stars is a whimsical rhyming picture book for young children, ages 3-7. The book celebrates the interests and passions of the twenty Sandy Hook first graders we lost on December 14, 2012 (including soccer , the Beatles, painting, reading books and tacos).

    Told in upbeat simple rhyme, Twinkling Stars relates a bevy of young children’s interests and feelings to a certain number of stars in the sky. The colorfully illustrated stars—from one star to twenty, are a symbolic tribute to the twenty children –sparkling above and within us.
    The book celebrates the universal wonder and spirit of all children everywhere.

    Profits from the sale of the book will be donated to our partner, the National Students Against Violence Everywhere. National SAVE is a youth violence prevention organization.

    Twenty Twinkling Stars is written for children ages 3-7. Twenty pages/verses and illustrations. Includes references to the 20 children’s interests and passions and a tribute to the beloved principal and six teachers.

    National SAVE endorsement:

    From Carleen Wray, Executive Director National SAVE, (nationalsave.org), our Partner

    Laurie –

    Great news! I obtained approval from our Board. Our chair, Brandon Boxer stated… “I, as Chair of SAVE’s Board, am excited about this opportunity to advance our common goals of preventing youth violence. I will discuss this effort with the other Board members at our upcoming meeting, with the goal of further developing enthusiasm for the book and our emerging partnership. I would also be happy to speak with her or anyone else from the Twenty Twinkling Stars team.”

    We look forward to working with you! Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity.


    The Team:

    Author Laurie Rose Schloff is a communication expert and author of the books Smart Speaking and He and She Talk, published originally by Henry Holt and Plume and currently by Podium Press.

    Team members include:
    Lena Warkne—Illustrator
    Jaclyn May Horowitz—Website designer
    Tara Misra—Social Media
    Rachel Greenberg, Jamie Cosgrove-Editors
    Kevin Becker, PsyD.– Contributing Psychologist
    Marea Santos: Business Consultant, SOS Organization
    Stacey Miller, Publicist, S. J. Miller Communications
    Lani Nash, Performing Artist, Partner
    David Sottilaro, Music Composer

    An inspirational Quote
    “Maybe the stars are lights in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
    ~ Interpretation of an Eskimo Proverb

  3. Hi Laurie,

    Thats great news! Thanks for working with SAVE. Looking forward to reading more about your book and initiatives! Best- Kit

  4. Thank you Laurie for sharing your news about the Twenty Twinkling Stars book and supporting SAVE; and for tuning into the program. Pattie

  5. Your work is world changing Pattie. My team and I look forward to adding to the mission in any way possible.
    Laurie Schloff

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