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The State and Growth of Community Mediation

Posted on Sep 10 2012 under Community Mediation, Previous Programs

Each year, community mediators help nearly a million people in conflicts all manner of vexing variation. From schoolyard bullying to co-worker conflicts, nuisance neighbors to deeply personal family fights, community mediation programs bring constructive conflict resolution services to the masses. They mediate, facilitate, coach, train, and much more. These programs and volunteers do all this with industry-leading credentials and dogged dedication, but, often, not much more. Tune in to hear Justin R. Corbett, Executive Director of the National Association for Community Mediation, speak about the State of Community Mediation within the U.S. Hear about the many ways local community mediation programs serve those in conflict and discover how you can directly connect with their helpful services.


Justin is the Executive Director of NAFCM, the National Association for Community Mediation. There, he advocates for and works to network volunteer mediators and the community programs which lend their expertise to the public for all manner of conflicts. He previously opened a community mediation program in Indianapolis, served as a mortgage foreclosure consultant with the Indiana Supreme Court, and taught negotiations and conflict resolution at Indiana University. He has graduate degrees from Pepperdine University’s Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Indiana University, and the University of Cambridge. He lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife Wendy, who is also deeply passionate about community mediation.

For more Information:  Justin R. Corbett

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