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So You Are Going to Mediation – How Do You Prepare?

Posted on Apr 17 2012 under Mediation 101, Previous Programs

In an earlier show So You Need to Mediate…HELP…Now What?, we discussed what mediation is, the benefits and values to you as a party in a dispute, the questions to consider when finding a mediator and whether to hire a private mediator or use a community-based mediator. Now that you have decided to go to mediation, what do you need to do to prepare? Why is it important to prepare for these difficult conversations, and what do you need to consider when going into the mediation so that it is the most productive, constructive and has the greatest potential for success for you and the other side.


Join Pattie Porter and Stephen Kotev give you valuable tips and strategies for thinking through and preparing you for the mediation discussion.

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