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Race and Conflict in American Society: A Conversation

Posted on Jan 24 2012 under Previous Programs, Race

 Join in as Lou Gieszl and Cheryl Jamison examine conflict dynamics when race is an issue. Racism is less overt and yet more complex than at any other time in our history. Because racism tends to be implicit, it often gets overlooked or mislabeled. How can we recognize when race is an issue? Are there landmines that can be avoided? The presenters dispute the notion of a post-racial society and argue that effective conflict management often depends on acknowledging race as a divisive issue. Focusing especially on Black-White relations, the show includes tips for identifying racial issues underlying interpersonal conflicts as well as ideas for building positive connections across racial lines.


Lou Gieszl is the Deputy Executive Director of the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office and is the immediate past-president of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He has a Masters of Public Policy Degree and teaches graduate-level courses on conflict management at two universities in Maryland.

Cheryl Jamison, also works at MACRO and is responsible for a statewide program designed to assist mediators enhancing their mediation practice.  She is the former Vice President of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  An attorney, mediator and trainer, Cheryl is currently teaching a class on Race and Conflict at the University of Baltimore.

For more information you can reach both them at 410-260-3540 or email at cheryl.jamison26@gmail.com and lougieszl@gmail.com

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  1. […] During the month of June, we have looked at some tough issues related to diversity. We started the month looking at the fear embedded in racism. Next, we moved to the political arena and discussed why good people are divided. On June 19, there was a discussion of the meaning and importance of Juneteenth. Now, it is time to hear from you. We will be taking your calls as we have a conversation with Cheryl Jamison and Lou Gieszl about race, conflict, reconciliation and the roles we can all play in promoting and celebrating diversity. Listen to their past show Race and Conflict in American Society […]

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