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Managing Your Anger

Posted on Apr 08 2012 under Blog Posts

Are you constantly finding yourself at odd with others? Are you trying to find ways to change your temper and become a more likeable person? As we mature in life, there are times when we try to find ourselves through learning what makes us happy, sad, and most important mad. When we were younger we are more easily angered, especially when someone pushes our hot buttons. As we become older we start to find it stressful and draining to always be in a confrontational stance with others, and want to seek resolution.

Knowing yourself means knowing your hot buttons. It can be the start of managing conflict without getting so emotionally involved. As a teenager, I always found myself at emotional odds with my mother over a situation that happened when I was a baby.  I would find myself arguing with her for no reason, and my stress level and blood pressure would be out of this world. Then I became older and wiser, and I realized what it was that triggered me and would cause me to get upset.  Learning my hot buttons with my mother helped me to understand and respond more effectively, and helped rebuild our relationship.

 So, you are probably wondering if you could do the same thing in your life. Is it possible to deal with and rebuild a relationship with somebody that hurt you? Can you learn how to control your anger in general? Want to find out or learn more listen to Hot Buttons and Trigger Words: How to Listen Past Your Anger and Theirs  with Susan Shearouse a trained mediator, who will teach you how to cope with anger and learn how to find a mutual understanding with others.

by Andrea Williams

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