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How Mediation Can Help Church Congregations in Conflict

Posted on Apr 21 2012 under Blog Posts

People usually go to church when they feel their lives are troublesome. Many believe that going to church will relieve them from their everyday stress, and can be the only place in the world where they can void conflict. So, what happens when people stop being polite and start acting real? Well in the case of church congregation conflict happens all the time. Whenever there are multiple personalities, issues will always arise.

Many of us would think that church congregations do not deal with personality clashes because they have God on their side. Coming from a church background myself, I know for a fact that the statement above is false. Growing up in a Baptist Church, people always clashed with each other on many different topics. The arguments can range from what color to wear for the church anniversary, to who get to sing the lead solo for Easter Sunday. People in church always found something to argue about.

When conflict rears its ugly head within church congregations due to the clash of values and beliefs, congregants believe they do not need outside help. They generally turn to their strong faith to give them guidance in dealing with the tensions. However, many “true believers” will find themselves in very polarizing and positional situations and having an outside third party neutral could be critical to turning things around.

So, what happens when you mediate with true believers? If you would like to know more listen to Mediating with True Believers to understand how and why church conflicts arise, and when conflict presents itself in the church, what to do about it.

By Andrea Williams

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