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Workplace Mediation Involving People With Disabilities: Collaborating to Make It Accessible

Posted on Sep 21 2011 under Mediation, Previous Programs

Special Program for Disability Employment Awareness Month

Mediations in the workplace involving employees with disabilities  may — or may not — be about legal rights.  Whatever the subject of the mediation is–whether it’s an interpersonal dispute, a conflict between employee and supervisor, or a reasonable accommodation negotiation–it needs to be accessible to the person with a disability.  Judy Cohen, Project Coordinator of the ADA Mediation Guidelines, will talk about steps employers and employees should take to make sure that employees with disabilities can fully participate in the process. 


  Judy Cohen is Executive Director of Access Resources, a mediation and training firm. A national leader in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mediation, Judy has expertise in mediating issues involving people with disabilities. She is Project Coordinator of the ADA Mediation Guidelines, the first set of aspirational standards for mediation administrators and practitioners in the effective management of disputes involving people with disabilities

Click for more information on ADA Mediation Guidelines and  Questions and Answers for Parties to Mediation

Read this great article on “Making Mediation Sessions Accessible to People with Disabilities”

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