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Special Education Mediation: A Proactive Approach to Resolving School Conflicts

Posted on Aug 07 2011 under Mediation, Previous Programs

 Join us to learn the who, what, when, how and why of special education mediation.  Learn how special education students can get the services and support they need to succeed.  How mediation helps parents and educators collaborate to promote student learning and school success.  How mediation resolves special educational disputes in a meaningful and productive way.

Join Zena Zumeta as she talks with Laura Athens about this important topic.


Laura Athens is an attorney, mediator and arbitrator in Michigan.  Her practice focuses primarily on education law and disability rights.  She has served as a Hearing Officer in special education and vocational rehabilitation cases and previously taught education law at Wayne State Law School.  Ms. Athens has published numerous articles on education law and alternative dispute resolution and frequently lectures on special education and other school issues.

For more information on the U.S. Department of EducationNational Disability Rights Network,  Idea Partnership (a coalition of 50 organizations dedicated to improving outcomes for students with disabilities), Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys , and Wrights Law

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