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CODEPINK: Women for Peace Kicks Off Women’s History Month

Posted on Feb 25 2011 under Peace and Values, Previous Programs

JanetWeil How did a satirically named small women-led organization become a force for criticizing US foreign policy and a leader in the peace movement? Hear CODEPINK’s story through the lens of one of its longtime members and current staffer, Janet Weil , who is also a military family member with a loved one in the Marine Corps. Janet will talk about her personal experiences as a peace activist, CODEPINK’s history, and the Bring Our War $$ Home campaign she’s working on. She will share stories of women around the US and the world working to end war and redirect our resources toward life-affirming projects.


Janet Weil , a member of CODEPINK since 2003, works with local groups and online activists, and answers the “info” emailbox. She is active in the Bring Our War $$ Home and Ground the Drones campaigns, and represents CODEPINK to the Afghanistan working group of United for Peace and Justice. Janet enjoys connecting with local groups in the Bay Area, loves to travel (especially to the Southwest), and is a published poet.

For more information go to CODEPINK

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Field Work Assignment:

Go to Cost of War website and look up how much your city or state has spent on the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. Then write to Janet Weil at info@codepink.org and let her know how you would have liked to have seen that money spent in your city and state.

5 Replies to “CODEPINK: Women for Peace Kicks Off Women’s History Month”

  1. Janet Weil spoke of a young woman who had been raped and helped by a courageous and determined Afghanistan woman named Malalai Joya. Read the love story that resulted from this tragedy at http://www.rawa.org/temp/runews/2010/07/09/the-afghan-love-story-with-a-happy-ending.html

  2. To read more about Malalai Joya or to see her US speaking engagement schedule go to Afghan Women’s Mission at http://www.afghanwomensmission.org/ or

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