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Theatre of Witness – Finding the Medicine in Stories of Suffering, Transformation and Peace

Teya Sepinuckzena ZumetaTheater of Witness is a form of performance in which the true life stories of people whose voices haven’t been heard in society are performed by the storytellers themselves as a way for audiences to bear witness to significant social issues. The theater productions are scripted from individual and group interviews as well as a variety of creative process techniques and consist of scripted text, music, movement, imagery and film projection. The productions are created with the performers who themselves have directly experienced the issues being explored. Theater of Witness invites audiences to put a face and heart to societal issues of suffering and to celebrate the power of the human spirit to grow and transform. Theater of Witness is a form of peace building and inspiration.


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Conflict Within Church Communities: Applying Biblical Principles


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Anne Fiferzena ZumetaPeople of faith have an extra resource to guide them successfully through conflict, if they choose to take advantage of it. For Christians, applying biblical principles – love, forgiveness, the “Golden Rule” – can turn a frustrating conflict into a satisfying resolution, and can make the difference between an uneasy truce and a reconciled relationship. The speaker, a lawyer-mediator, has been helping Christians resolve disputes outside of court for three decades and will describe how Christian peacemaking really works. Read, Listen, Share »

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