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Teamwork Tango: Using Partner Dancing Principles to Improve Organizational Leadership

Yael Schyclark.photo.Today’s organizations require that workers be adaptable. Truly effective leaders know how to follow and how it feels to be a follower. Conversely, in order to be a productive team member, one must understand the difficulties of being a team leader. The daily “dance” between leaders and followers requires mutual understanding and a balance of give and take. As the great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said: “To lead, one must follow.” In this program, Yael Schy, creator of the Teamwork Tango®  leadership training approach, shares her philosophy and methodology of using partner dancing principles and exercises for helping leaders and followers in organizations to work together more collaboratively and effectively.

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Helping Children to be Safe — Programs of the National Crime Prevention Council


Marcia EllisZena-1National Crime Prevention Council has developed several initiatives to educate children and adults to help them be safe from crime. The McGruff Club curriculum for children ages six to ten provides prevention and safety education.  When the Going Gets Scruff is a newly developed animated 3-minute DVD for kids ages five to eight to help them handle bullying situations. The Circle of Respect is designed to encourage respect and consideration for others. VOICES, a component of Circle of Respect, is geared to high school youth and is designed to allow teens to express themselves through poetry, rap, song, art – all original works – as it relates to their personal efforts to have a safe and happy lifestyle.

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