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Don’t Suffer in Silence: Your Rights in the Workplace


Join Marci Anavitarte-Jordan as she leads our listeners in an in-depth discussion on the importance of effective communication in the workplace. Workplace conflict can consist of discrimination, bullying, harassment or adverse actions.  Many times employees will suffer in silence when they encounter any of these situations.  Listen to our discussion as Marci gives resources available to anyone needing assistance in this area.

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Graduate Student Stressors: Resolving Conflict and Meeting Expectations

Darlene R Johnsonzena Zumeta







The University of Michigan’s Rackham School of Graduate Studies has created a position of Resolution Officer which is responsible for assisting graduate students and faculty members who have issues and conflicts with each other to resolve those conflicts.  The Resolution Officer works directly with both faculty and students, and also facilitates conversations between them and mediates.  Her job includes counseling students about available options, supporting students through difficult situations, and connecting students to appropriate resources.            

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Workplace Mediation Involving People With Disabilities: Collaborating to Make It Accessible

Special Program for Disability Employment Awareness Month

Mediations in the workplace involving employees with disabilities  may — or may not — be about legal rights.  Whatever the subject of the mediation is–whether it’s an interpersonal dispute, a conflict between employee and supervisor, or a reasonable accommodation negotiation–it needs to be accessible to the person with a disability.  Judy Cohen, Project Coordinator of the ADA Mediation Guidelines, will talk about steps employers and employees should take to make sure that employees with disabilities can fully participate in the process. 

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