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Virtual Exchange: Renewing Civic Engagement at a Time of Unprecedented Interconnectedness

This episode is a special edition for the Association for Conflict Resolution’s (ACR) annual conference and virtual track.


waidehi-gokhalerangineh-azimzadeh-tosangIn a digitally connected world where diversity of identities is a reality which we must confront every time we log into our smart phones and social media accounts, academia has played a pioneering role in the way we learn how to be inclusive and embrace diversity.  Nevertheless, recent demonstrations across American campuses as well as the growing expressions of hate and violence in online space worldwide, make question the preparedness of traditional education methods to tackle the virtual multicultural world we live in. Grassroots intercultural dialogue programs between citizens living in different societies have flourished over the past decade as a response to the growing antagonism between some of those societies. Those programs aim at building mutual understanding and a sense of empathy among participants, creating bridges and fostering a new culture of constructive engagement between young citizens. Lately, online dialogue programs carried out by organizations like Soliya have received an official acknowledgment of their relevance in a fast changing world. Panelists involved as implementors of Soliya’s Connect Program will engage in an interactive discussion with participants on the lessons learned from Soliya’s 13 years experience, the current evolutions of dialogue processes and the value of virtual exchange as a growing field in the world of intercultural dialogue and conflict resolution education.

For more information or to apply as a facilitator, visit Soliya

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Stop the Dreaded Drama and End Destructive Conflict

Pattie2(Dec2012)zena ZumetaWe have all experienced the drama when we engage in destructive and dysfunctional conflict. It is draining, damaging and downright unhealthy. Zena Zumeta will talk with the Texas Conflict Coach, Pattie Porter to discuss her new Minibuk Stop the Dreaded Drama: 55 Tips for Ending Destructive Conflict and highlight strategies to withdraw from the drama, reevaluate the situation, and reenter the conflict from a healthier and constructive approach.

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Supporting Conflict Resolution Skills in Social Media and Online Forums

To learn more about Cyberweek and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) activities, visit ADRHub.com.

Leah Wing

Tom Murray








Social media and the Internet are transforming society, providing new benefits but also new hazards. Some have suggested that online communication and collaboration may lead to decreased civility, mutual understanding, and communicative clarity, as compared with face-to-face methods. Such negative trends can occur, but are they inevitable? We have been investigating whether online communication tools can actually support more skillful communication and deeper mutual understanding, especially in situations involving conflict, controversial topics, or differences in goals and perspectives.

What if online interactions could be designed to support more empathy, self-reflection, perspective taking, civility, and curiosity? Our preliminary research on new tools which support these abilities have found that they do foster better communication and conflict resolution skills in people engaged in online interactions. In this discussion we will explore these issues, giving some examples, and speak about tools for supporting positive conflict resolution skill use for social media and online communication.

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Got Conflict around Eldercare and Estate Issues? Here’s a Guide for Resolution!

Arline KardasisZenaZumeta2-200x300






Arline Kardasis, mediator, trainer and co-author of Mom Always liked You Best, will discuss this guide for resolving family feuds, inheritance battles and eldercare crises. This practical book provides a treasure trove of do-it-yourself “mediator skills” for those with no previous training in conflict resolution.  Arline will share some of the tools and strategies  that have proven effective for family members wishing to get past entrenched disputes.  Learn how to move forward to make essential decisions that can positively impact the lives of aging parents, improve  the relationships among adult siblings and protect family harmony for future generations.

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