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Conflict Chat: Ripped From The Headlines

Listen LIVE on September 26th at 7:00pm CST at Blog Talk Radio. Call in to speak with host, Pattie Porter and guest host, Stephen Kotev:  (347) 324-3591.


Got Conflict? If you have a conflict with someone and are not sure how to handle it, then let us know. Here is your opportunity to ask your question with Conflict Management experts who are mediators, conflict coaches, and facilitators on how to think about, analyze or resolve your situation.

Think about it. Are you currently engaged in an active conflict with your co-workers or boss? Ignoring your neighbor because of a conversation you don’t want to have? In a disagreement with your spouse? Or simply afraid to bring up a concern with a friend in fear of stirring up problems. Read, Listen, Share »

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Professionalizing Mediation: Understanding the Impact of Taking the Next Steps

Listen LIVE on Thursday, October 12th at 2:00 pm CST at Blog Talk Radio. Call in to speak host, Pattie Porter and guests, Dr. Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz and Dr. Jack Goetz at:  (347) 324-3591.


Jennifer Kalfsbeek

Dr. Jack R. GoetzThis is a special live episode held during the annual Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) conference.

Professionalizing Mediation: Understanding the Impact of Taking the Next Steps

Mediation is a powerful process but is still largely society’s best kept secret outside of the litigated case arena.  Further professionalizing mediation promises to create public awareness and increase utilization.  We will examine the impact of taking the next steps for mediators and disputants alike.” Read, Listen, Share »

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Conflict Coaching: Empowering YOU to Move Through Conflict Constructively

Straight from the Archives! Reintroducing our Guest, Cinnie Noble, on October 24th at 7 pm CST on Blog Talk Radio.

In this episode we learn how conflict coaching can help YOU. Cinnie Noble talks about how she moved from a mediation practice to one of developing a full-time conflict coaching practice. Her conflict coaching model is a structured model developed from an evidence-based research.

We highlight how conflict coaching is different from counseling and other forms of coaching. The CINERGY conflict coaching model supports one in becoming conflict competent in engaging in conflict constructively. This type of coaching also supports one in moving through specific disputes.

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