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Mediate Don’t Litigate: Part Two – The Romance of Litigation

Even if you think you know how much it costs to sue someone, do you really understand the full range of risks and costs? Join Stephen Kotev for part two of our conversation with attorney and mediator, Daniel Preston Dozier as we discuss the romances and realities of litigation. Listen in to find out what really happens when folks finally get their “day in court.”

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Mediate Don’t Litigate: Part One -The High Cost of Going to Court

Have you ever heard someone threaten “I’ll see you in court!”? If this has happened to you, or if you have ever thought of suing someone, join us on October 2nd as Stephen Kotev interviews attorney and mediator Daniel Preston Dozier to find out how much litigation really costs, and the hidden pitfalls of actually taking someone to court.

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