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Medical Errors and Medical Bills: Getting Your Needs Met without Suing

Portrait-Geoff DruckerZenaZumeta2-200x300If you experience medical malpractice, over billing, or denial of an insurance claim, what are your options?  Who can help you, and how can you help yourself?  Learn how to navigate the health care legal landscape.

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Deescalating the Drama in Health Care Conflict

Haavi MorreimQuality patient care is critically important not only to the patient receiving services and the family navigating the health care system to support their loved one; but it is also very important to the physicians, nurses and myriad of health care  providers who are dedicated to serving their patients. However, the complexity of managing and engaging in our health care system is all involved is chock-full of emotionally-driven conflict and escalated disputes. How can we engage in these conflicts constructively and collaboratively before they get to the courthouse? Our guest, Dr. Haavi Morreim, will share her wealth of experience in the health care industry. Listeners will learn how important it is for health care providers, hospital systems and families to work collaboratively together toward quality patient care and  will discuss communication strategies to support conflict management and resolution.

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