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Top 10 List…Strategies for Constructive Conflict Engagement

Pattie-fade.jpgIn October, we celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day as well as International Peace Day. Soon, I will also be celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a woman-owned business with Conflict Connections Inc.. As a way to honor this anniversary, I will share with you the Top 10 strategies for dealing with conflict constructively. These strategies and tips coms with almost 18 years of experience as a conflict resolution practitioner, and from a place, just like you, one who deals with personal conflict in everyday life.

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Good Intentions Often Paves a Path of Gold….to Hell.

Host – Pattie Porter

Do you hear or say this “I’m sorry I didn’t do X, but I had good intentions.” When we hear “I’m Sorry” one too many times, then we question that person’s real intention. Is it genuine? Can I trust the person to do what they say they will do? This type of behavior pattern triggers many people. Does it trigger you?

Listen to Founder and Host, Pattie Porter, discuss the commitment it takes to practice your intention.


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The Case for Conflict Coaching: When Is It Worth It?

When is conflict coaching worth it? Dr. Tammy Lenski, professional mediator, conflict coach, author and professor answers that question. Tammy outlines the circumstances in which conflict typically has the greatest toll in business, on careers, and in personal relationships, then discusses how and when conflict coaching offers the greatest return on investment of time and money in those circumstances. She also offers a few tips for becoming more conflict competent and suggests a way to put them into action.

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STOP “Shoulding” on People

In honor of Better Business Communication Day, this episode focuses on the need to STOP! “Shoulding” on yourself and others. When people don’t meet our expectations, they have failed us. It is their fault and we begin the blame game…let the shoulding begin. Learn how to change the negative language so that others can hear your true message.  

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