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The 3 C’s of Listening

SusanShearouseListening is a skill. It is an art. It is a discipline. It is hard. It takes attention and practice. It takes awareness. It is particularly hard when you don’t want to hear the person who is talking to you. It is particularly hard in disagreements, arguments, and conflicts. How do we listen without being caught by the judgments, opinions, desires, justifications and stories rumbling around in our heads?

In this session, we will be talking with Susan Shearouse, Frameworks for Agreement. We will explore the 3 C’s of listening: how to prepare yourself and enter a difficult conversation able to hear what is being said, to be able to listen more effectively.

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‘Isms’ and Words That Help You Successfully Navigate Your Daily Life


bob-berlin1In this program, our guest will discuss how ‘isms’ and words can have power in your everyday life. As an example: ‘A problem well defined is half-solved’. And, what is complaining? Is it a statement of how you really feel? Or, are you boasting? Join Bob Berlin as he gives further insight to our use of words and what they really mean.

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“That’s Not What I Meant!” – Male/Female Communication (or lack thereof)

It is said that men and women speak different languages and if you don’t understand the subtle communication differences between the genders then general understanding, cooperation, productivity, and stress levels will surely be affected by the inevitable miscommunications that occur.

Join Gregg Catalano in this highly entertaining and informative program as he provides you with the insights, tools and strategies to better interact with the opposite sex, and become bi-lingual in the art of male/female communication.

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The New Trend in Listening: How to Improve Your Communication Skills and Enrich Relationships


Susan YoungIn this show, we kicked off March’s International Listening Awareness month with Susan Young. Susan is a news and communications expert with 25 years of experience.

I spoke with Susan about the “new trend” in listening she calls “silent listening.” The ability to quiet the mind, focus without distractions, and being in the moment…all with the purpose of improving business relationships.

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Mindful Listening in the Age of Distraction



This program highlights the works of Rebecca Shafir, neurotherapist and speech and language pathologist. She is author of the book, “The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction.” We will explore listening myths, the 4 characteristics of being a mindful listener, examine listening stoppers, and tips for listening to difficult people.

To learn more about Rebecca Shafir or to sign up for her newsletter The Mindful Communicator’s Minute, click here.

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The Science & Fun Of Nonverbal Communcation

 Body Language and gestures are fun to talk about yet also have a significant impact during our interactions with others.  As conflict and communication specialists, it is important for us to be aware of our nonverbal cues as well as those used by others.  This includes negotiation and mediations sessions and the work of ombuds and conflict coaches. Jeff Thompson  will share important information based on research (his and others) and offer it in a way you can apply it to your practice.  He shares’s his METTA acronym as a way to be aware of all the present nonverbal elements. Join us to learn new information, have fun and ask questions.

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From Complaining to Reframing: The Art of Listening Deeper

 We invite you to call-in as we learn how to listen beyond people’s complaints and pick up what is really important. The art of listening deeper means being able to understand the complainer’s underlying need and reframe the situation. Reframing supports the speaker to be heard and possibly move them beyond their complaining behaviors. 

Visit Texas Conflict Coach to learn more about conflict coaching.

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