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Is Incivility the Norm? – Revising Civility and Reversing the Trend

Posted on Feb 23 2017 under Conflict Resolution, Previous Programs


dr_ralph_steele2It seems that incivility has become the norm in our communities easily escalating to heated debates, protesting and violent riots. Civility is a human right in today’s global society.  As global citizens, civility is vital to peaceful and harmonious co-existence of individuals, groups, organizations, and nations. Civility is a proactive approach to prevent incivility and maintain a safe and peaceful situation.  Civility gives dignity to human rights. Civility gives calmness to a potentially explosive situation.  Civility is a positive response to a negative action that is mutually beneficial for all of us.

In this episode, Dr. Ralph Steele addresses the questions such as,  “What is our role in responding in respectful ways? And How can each of us reverse the trend and incorporate daily strategies to revise civility?


Dr. Steele has over 10 years of experience in mediation of business and family issues. He has received two doctorate degrees; in Civil law and Mediation at Oxford University and has a Ph.D. in psychology.

Dr. Steele is also a Board Certified Professional Counselor by American Psychotherapy Association and Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Ralph honorably served as a United States naval officer and is devoted to developing our youth as future leaders who make a positive impact on society. Having received his pilot license from the Lincoln Aviation Institute, one of his favorite hobbies is flying planes.

Dr. Steele’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Philosophy:

Mediation and arbitration are ADR processes in which if all parties fully engage with the help of skilled professionals true civility and peace along with workable solutions prevail.

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If you have a situation where incivility has caught you off guard or you need guidance on how to manage incivility in your community or life, call the National Civility Hotline 800-791-7949.

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  1. Hello Ralph,

    To show that I have accessed this site.

    Very impressive work that Kattie is doing. So pleased to hear what you are saying regarding
    Civility. Hope you find my suggestions of additional ways we can advance this through mediation and virtual reality training.

    Will forward my article to you shortly.

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